Nickname: The Joy and The Laughter
The Cute One
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Eye Color: Blue
Character Portrayal: Jewel Kilcher

Family Members:

Professor Utonium (father)
Blossom (sister)
Buttercup (sister)
Creator: Professor Utonium

"My name is Bubbles. I'm cute and full of energy!"

Bubbles is one of the three main characters in the movie.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Bubbles, as usual, is portrayed as having short blonde hair in two pigtails and a neat, curved fashion, bright blue eyes, and, in movie 1,  dresses in blue with a black sash and black Mary Janes.  In movie 2, her outfit is similar to that of Ash, consisting of a blue and white jacket with gold trim worn open over a light blue t-shirt with jeans, sneakers, and aquamarine, fingerless gloves. In movie 3, as well as in Powerpuff Chronicles. her outfit is very identical to that of Amy Rose, which consists of white gloves with gold rings around them, instead of red clothes, bubbles wears an aquamarine dress similar to Amy's and wears sky blue boots with a white stripe down the middle that looks similar to Amy. Many refer to her as "the joy and laughter", meaning that she is defined by a sweet, cheery, mild crybaby and gentle demeanor. She takes the role as the youngest out of the girls.

Special Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sonic Scream: Considered to be one of her special powers to some fans. She performs the best scream of all her sisters. She can scream loud enough to shatter glass or buildings and stun opponents.

Strength Level: Bubbles is very strong.

Superhuman Speed: Bubbles is extremely fast. She is capable of flying around the globe in 5 seconds.

Invulnerability: Bubbles is most definitely bulletproof and immune to most elemental abilities like fire, lighting and atomic blasters with little to no side effect with some pain.

X-Ray vision: Bubbles can see through solid objects and living organisms. She uses this to help save New York City from Princess Morbucks.

Hand-to-Hand combat: Bubbles is excellent in hand-to-hand combat, but prefers to keep her distance in most situations.

Linguistic: Bubbles can speak multiple languages. Professor Utonium states that Bubbles' special ability is the ability to speak Spanish. However, as the series progresses, Bubbles' linguistic capabilities appear to grow. Bubbles is shown to be able to read and speak Japanese. Bubbles is shown to be able to speak Squirrel.

Strong Smell: Very Beagle-like. She can sniff out different odors, close in on one, and detect them to the correct culpret.

Killer Roar: This ability is original to the Live Action Movie. She can unleash powerful roars, that create seismic blasts.